70 years of Kursk Battle.

Many years ago I made an attemp to make this original Ferdinand, but due my passed experiences I lost my first Ferdinand and I was not able to finish it. Fortunatly I was able to save the decals that a Japanese firend made for me, so, I was able to make again anew Ferdinand using the same decals. In fact, these russian text is the difficult part of this project. Jindra, my very close friend from Chezc Republic made the corrections of that text. I finished this new ferdinand just yesterday, specially for a Mexican event in next October 2013. It will be published also in the Weathering Magazine in the Kursk Issue. I hope you like it.

In the next comparative photo, you can see some diferences between my model and the original one. For example, I was not able to discover what is that rare light color lines in the rear hull, because in another photo of the same vehicle these lines are not visible. Also I added the Arial Antena....a bit damage. Even if the real one haven't the antena, I wanted to add this details to give to the model more volume and small details. Anyway, it could be possible. In any case, this is my personal interpretation, don't try to reproduce the rela one exactly.

Finally, I must say that was a good project to me, to do something without 1 million different colors in red, grey, yellow, etc, like it is getting fashion nowdays. Ok, it is a resource that can be used sometimes, but we must try to avoid to use the same thing in each model, specially because most of the tanks in WWII were without these amount of coloured patches of bright colors.

Thank you

Mig Jimenez