Tiger I 1/48 Winter camo "Part 2"

Welcome again to the second part of this interesting article about how to paint a Tiger I with a winter wash. In the preview chapter I explained how to use the Worn Effect fluid to make a Camo with chipping. Now we will use it again to make the winter wash.

Apply a nice coat of Worn Effects fluid over your vehicle. remeber that it is water based, it is clean, no bad smell and easy to use, just pour it in your airbrush and apply a coat.

After a couple of minutes, apply your white color. tamita will work very well in this case. Note that I applied a soft and random layer of white color. Not too thick.

Now we can start scratching the surface. Apply a little water over it and start moving your brush over the surface until see that the paint come off. It is very easy.

See how random is it. Some areas can be very damaged and others almost new.

Now is time for the washes. The color AK 066 Wash for Africa vehicles will be a good color also for winter vehicles. It is a bit neutral and was designed for light sand colors.

Apply a drop over the lines, joins, details and rivets. Don't worry if you are not accurate. We will clean the excess later. be sure your base is SATIN, and NOT FLAT. this is very important to avoid the expansion by capilarity.

Now using a clean brush and thinner, we will clean the excess of wash. The wash color must be dry. I usually wait for 3 or 5 minutes after apply the wash.

This process is very easy and simple. if we follow the rules (satin surface, controlled application, let it dry and clean the excess) we will obtain always a good result.

Let's go for a funny step: Winter Streaking grime

This technique is very simple. Just draw fine vertical lines in the vertical or inclinated surfaces. Make some of then shorter than others.

After it is dry for a couple of minutes, use a flat clean brush with a little Thinner and stump the lines with vertical motions. Don't try blend the color at once, but in several attemps.

You must get a look like this:

If you reomve to much, just repeat the proces after few minutes.

In the next chapter we will see how to make the metal chips and we will work with oils too.
Thanks for take your time to read this and I hope you like it.

Don't be shy and post your comments or feedback. I am working on this right now, so....your suggestions can help me to be focus in this or that subject or problem.



Tiger I 1/48 Winter camo

Hello friends.

I know that I was too much time in silence but was because a good reason. i was making the new FAQ2. And now that it is ready and printed, I can back again to apint models. I have some different projects in my workbench and one of them is this little Tiger I out of box that I build time ago. Now I ampainting it in winter camo, using the Chipping fluid (the soft one) to make the chipping. I will try to post the whole step by step so stay tunned.

First I painted the dark yellow, just plane without modulation or other effects.

The worn effects fluid was applied inmediatly after the base color and once it is dry I painted the other two color camo with an airbursh.

I used a small plain brush to humidify the surface and scratch the camo colors. The zimmerit texture helped me in this task.

Now I have ready the base for the second step: the winter was , also very damaged. Ahh, right now we must apply a satin varnish coat to protect the preview work.

In the next chapter I will explain the winter wash camo step by step.

Thank you for watching.