Pasdaran "Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution" Type 69 II C, Iran.

        After a while in dry dock, I finished one of my favorite subjects, a Type 69 II C of the Hezbollah gorups in Iaran-Iraq war in the 80's. This Type 69 was captured to Iraqui forces and repainted with new numbers and the Hezbollah simbol, together with the red bands of identification. I must give thanks to my friend Charlie Pritchett, an expert in Irani forces and everything related to Iran-Iraq war. He finished this master for Verlinden Productions in cooperation with Andy Taylor (UK). They and more people involved in this neverend project made a great job, and now I was able to enjoy it. I hope you like it. This is so far, my favorite tank in all my life.

In 1994 I made my frist Type 69 II C, based in a old kit of an iraqui T55 from Verlinden. In that time I was not able to find too many info and ofc ourse, internet doens't exist. My money to buy books doens't exist!! So, I took a little info form a friend's book. I made many pieces by scratch and with a lot of imagination. If some  one doens't know how was my origen in the modelling carrier...this was the begining of my history. I published this model for for first time in my life in a magazine, 18 years ago, in Todo Modelismo magazine, Spain. This was only the first of more than hundries of articles in 18 different lenguages in the whole world...until now. Almost 2 decades later, I made this tribute to my origen, when I was just a young boy who never thought about to be in the modelling industry. You are dreaming now with to have your own future in the modelling....just do it. Now is time to start because the future is full of surprises and positive things. Good luck!
Thank you
Mig Jimenez
Some photo references for stowage (just a small example)