This is one of the two monsters which I am painting right now. This is the 1/16 Tamiya, with many improvements and metal accesories. I am exciting to try the Hairspray technique in such big scale, but could be very useful. Of course, I need to apply the hairpray directly from the can!!! It was applied between the read base color (ENAMEL) and the Dark Yellow (LIFECOLOR).

I wil add more steps soon.



Long time without publish my work in internet, but now I stay on line again. I decided to create my own blog to show my last works, opinions, techiques and more stuff and stay in touch with many of you friends.

Today, I start a new carrier, alone. I am a modeller again and I try to recovery all passion and motivation which were inside me long time ago. I want to be focus in the modelling one more time, in the techniques (which is my real passion), and in new ideas. I was tired of comercial stuff and other boring things, and now I feel free to do what I really want.

Welcome to my new blog and I hope you can share with me your opinions or doubts, and I hope also help you if you need me.

Thank you very much.

Mig Jimenez