Well, not only USA FLAG. Also, many german vehciles was used by other armies, like the French, Russia, Bulgaria, Polish....
This small selection of great vehicles under new management show how interesting could be a model painted in a different way. I hope it can be something inspirational for your next model. I already made mine, the Panther II under this new blog entry. Mine was a "what if", but you can see that the real thing is not so far from what I imagined.


MIG Jimenez


"WHAT IF" Panther II, Under US Army!


I remember to have read in a book (maybe from Albert Speer) where supposedly, a cracked German government's part, wanted to force an alliance with the United States to fight against the communism. In fact, some of those Germans attempted without success the alliance until the last days of the Reich. It is also said that, the Germans facilitated and even favored subtly the allied advance in the eastern front, to be able to force them to fight against the Soviets. For Hitler has been a perfect solucción to avoid the destruction of his empire, but fortunately, the Americans didn't have any intention of allying with the Germans in a suicide.

This Panther is an example of what could have been if German and Americans have united their efforts to stop the Soviet locomotive. Surely, the Americans had put to their service some of the best German weapons. The German factories would have renewed the production to increase the number of tanks and vehicles in the battle field, but mainly to increase the quality and to take advantage of the proximity of the production place. Maybe, the Americans have carried out small changes, perhaps in the camuflage, the identifications, or secondary armament or radios.

My Panther II have an American radio and a German one too, to be able to communicate with all type of vehicles. Also, they have applied some stains of American green color on the German original camuflage, a little worn away.

The most important thing of everything is the infinite possibilities of combinations to make dioramas and ideas under the concept of that possible alliance. I hoep you like this "what if" history".


Yo recuerdo haber leido en un libro (quizas de Albert Speer) donde supuestamente, una parte del resquebrajado gobierno alemán, deseaba forzar una alianza con los Estados Unidos para luchar contra el comunismo. De hecho, algunos de esos alemanes intentaron sin éxito la alianza hasta los últimos dias del Reich. También se dice que los alemanes facilitaron e incluso favorecieron sutilmente el avance aliado en el frente del este, para poder así obligarlos a luchar contra los sovieticos. Para Hitler hubiese sido una solucción perfecta para evitar la destrucción de su imperio, pero afortunadamente, los americanos no tenian ninguna intención de aliarse con los alemanes en un suicidio.

Este Panther es un ejemplo de lo que podia haber sido si alemanes y americanos hubiesen unido sus esfuerzos para parar la locomotora sovietica. Seguramente, los americanos hubieran puesto a su servicio algunas de las mejores armas alemanas. Las fábricas alemanas habrian reanudado la producción para aumentar el número de tanques y vehículos en el campo de batalla, pero sobre todo para aumentar la calidad y aprovecharse de la cercania del lugar de producción. Quizás, los americanos hubiesen realizado pequeños cambios, tal vez en el camuflage, las identificaciones, o armamento secundario o radios. Mi Panther II tiene una radio americana y una alemana, para poder comunicarse con todo tipo de vehículos. Además, han aplicado unas manchas de verde americano sobre el camuflage original alemán, un poco desgastado.

Lo más importante de todo son las infinitas posibilidades de combinaciones para hacer dioramas e ideas bajo el concepto de aquella posible alianza.

Ahh, I need to finish the figure. I am painting it, so, I will post again with the figure update.
Mig Jimenez