Well, not only USA FLAG. Also, many german vehciles was used by other armies, like the French, Russia, Bulgaria, Polish....
This small selection of great vehicles under new management show how interesting could be a model painted in a different way. I hope it can be something inspirational for your next model. I already made mine, the Panther II under this new blog entry. Mine was a "what if", but you can see that the real thing is not so far from what I imagined.


MIG Jimenez


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  1. If you check the historical record, there are a lot of US armor that was used under German flag, especially after and during the Battle of the Bulge. There are websites that show what aircraft the Japanese used, some for flight testing, and this went on in all the military forces.

    So there is a lot of possibilities that are historically accurate that will provide shocking second looks at model shows.

    The Germans used a lot of French armor, also Russian tanks and artillery that were captured.