VK1602 Leopard, 1945


I finished yesterday this new model from HobbyBoss. My friend Carlos Cuesta made it for me, and I painted it. Even if this tank waas designed in 1941, I wanted to place it in any forest in germany, in October of 1945 (yes, another what if)

It was painted with Luftwaffe colors, inspired in a modern Russian 2S3 with more or less the same camo pattern.

Thank you for watching it.





Hello friends.
long time without update my blog, because I was really busy, making some trips and finishing some models. During the next days, I will upload other models. Today, just a small bit...a Caterpillar engine that I painted for one of my friends. Don't ask me for the scale, because we don't know it. It a old ERTL kit without box, and we have not idea of the scale, but is very huge!
I hope you like it.

Here some step by step of the process. Nothing extraordinary, just the classic techniques.

Thank you for watching