Fianlly I am able to show you the finished King Tiger. After two months work, the cat is almost done. I must add small details but the general look is almost finished. It is a Radio Control tank for a collector, so...many details was avoided, and others was impossible to add, but I am happy with the result.
The big size made this task a bit complicated to me, used to 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35...it is too big and need a lot of time for each process or step. Sometimes you get tired to paint chips or effects in all surface...but...this is the 1/16 scale.

Well, so..it is almost the end and I must go for my KVII, also in 1/16.

Thank you guys and I hope you like it.


That's all folks!




Yes, I say Missing In Action projects and not unfinished projetcs, and it is because the next projects was missing for many reasons. Many people have email me asking about my Missing Sdkfz 221, which was...destroyed. So, I was thinking the last days about all projects that I started and that I was not able to finish, mainly because is not with me anymore. Some of them was part of my best projetcs, like my LVTP 5, which was 100% finished ready to paint...or a Koeningsberg scrap yard diorama in 1/72 th scale...or a K.O. T34 for a diorama with a PzIV. All of this never will be end even if it is a big pain to me, specially the 221 and the LVTP 5 , because it was specially dedicated to David Harper. About this one, I am only few pictures of the frist step by step...but it was ready and primed for paint, and even a nice base was made for it.

Well, if I try to restart my self in the modelling, I want to make a tribute to these models that I never will finish. I am very sorry, but...it is collaterle damage in my life. From this page, I say rest in pace to these models, which was part of me. Ok, also was my fault because I not finished them on time but now is too late for regreats.

Opss....ok, this 1/48 Tiger is the only one which I still have. But I will repaint it.

This KO T34 with VP kit and MIG kit was made for a diorama with a PzIV in russia.

It was ready for apint for the 1/72 Koenigsberg diorama.

This was a big lost for me. This small italian tank was a special project for my friend Daniele Guglielmi, from Italy, but I was not able to finish on time, and finally I lost it. It is a rare japanese resin kit. An authentic gem.

I don't want talk about this LVPT 5. It could be one of my best projects in my life....but now...is missing too. It was ready to paint, and the damage effects made over the whole vehicle was really cool. I just have few pictures of the frist steps. Sorry.

A KVI which I never finsished.

This Hetzer in 1/48 was a special thing for a Black and WHite diorama and some crazy ideas.

The van needed to be painted like a hippie van full of color, close to the BW hetzer...

The Scrap yard diorama in 1/72, full of captured T34 in 1945.

The only picture that I have: it was build by a friend from barcelona, and I painted it captured by soviets in Kurks with a very big cyrilic slogan. Jindra helped me with the translation in russian and Hajime from Japan made the decals for it. A pity....

A 1/16 th scale Tiger RC kit, painted like my small 1/48 Tiger.... (RIP)

An Sdkfz in 1/48 ready for paint in DAK... (MIA)

1/72 th scale BTR60 in Afghanistan...It was made for a big Antonov in 1/72. That plane was made by my friend Andres Montiel, but I was not able to finish the cargo goods for it. I am sorry. BTW, the Antonov is a monster in 1/72!!!! (note the contrasted panels in the smal BTR)
A little AMX10 in 1/72. A big diorama was made for it, almost finished, in Bosnia, 1991. (MIA)

Opss...I still have this, but not the diorama component that I was preparing. I will find another soluction for it.
And no words about it..... (RIP)

Another one...it never was finsihed, just painted in base color.

And that's all. I promese don't talk more about this subject. Now is time for new stuff. I am preparing new articles for my blog, so...stay tunned.!!