Elizabeth Wiese

Eli is 29 years old. She is my wife. 2 days ago, Doctors detected a malignant tumor in her brain. It is too big to be removed completly and Doctors have no chance. I decided to stay away of my job, of Facebook and modelling. I want to spend my actual life next to her during her last days in this world. No sure what will happen, but she is ready for the worse. She is very strong. Always smaling, always happy and full of life, but now we are waiting for her last batlle. I want to be with her. Friends: my apologies if I don't reply you messages.Sorry if I am off line, but my duty is stay with her. Eli was working very hard for AMMO, and AMMO will continue without her. That company was her life and she was working until the last day. She will be the soul of this modelling company forever. Thank you all. I wanted to share with you some of her best moments, with some friends and different countries. Thank you ELI to allow me stay with you during 8 years. It was not enought, but I accept it.


Eli tiene 29 años. Ella es mi esposa. Hace 2 días, los médicos detectaron un tumor maligno en su cerebro. Es demasiado grande para ser eliminado completamente y los médicos no tienen ninguna posibilidad de eliminarlo completamente.. He decidido permanecer lejos de mi trabajo, de Facebook y del modelismo. Quiero pasar mi vida junto a ella durante sus últimos días en este mundo. No estoy seguro de lo que va a pasar, pero ella está preparada para lo peor. Ella es muy fuerte. Siempre sonriendo, siempre feliz y llena de vida, pero ahora estamos esperando por su última batalla. Quiero estar con ella. Amigos: mis disculpas si no respondo los mensajes. Lo siento porque estaré desconectado, pero mi deber es permanecer con ella. Eli ha trabajando muy duro para AMMO, y AMMO continuará sin ella. Esa empresa era su vida y ella trabajo hasta el último día. Ella será el alma de esta empresa de modelismo para siempre. Gracias a todos. Quería compartir con ustedes algunos de sus mejores momentos, con algunos amigos y diferentes países. Gracias ELI para permitirme estar a tu lado durante 8 años. No es suficiente, pero lo acepto.



  1. Mucho fuerza y entereza para estos duros momentos, Mig.

  2. Hi Mig
    Maybe you remember to me,im Werner, we meet us at your last visit in Delmenhorst/ Germany next to Bremen, you told me im talented and you weathered my Leopard 2A6 and sign it on underside. Now thats not important for me anymore, i think of you and your beloved wife, taht must be a desaster for you, i am really really shocked, she is so young, what she did that god punish her???????????? I cant believe it, im so so sad Mig. Hope any doctor can help her, can find a solution for that sickness, im always think of you all Mig, God bless you, your sincerly friend Werner from Germany

  3. Hello,

    So sorry to ear about your wife!
    She's looking so nicely.
    So sad to see a loving couple touched by this.
    It's a good thing you're doing by staying with her.
    All my encouragements to her and to you.
    All my prays are with you both too.
    Kind regards,
    Amaury d'udekem

  4. Hi man I watch your videos on youtube now i read your story of your wife I am new born christian. Your wife can be heal. Is all in God hands. Jesus has power to heal people. He restored my life. I' m saved by His grace. If i ask about everything in Jesus name I will receive. She can be saved too and know grace and power of Jesus Christ. Amen

  5. So sorry to hear these horrible bad news. All the best for you and your son.