Hi dear friends. 1 month ago we made this video to celebrate 3 years of AMMO life. It is the history of our young company, and I hope you like it. Also, I want to give you 1 million thanks from my side and from Elizabeth for all your incredible support, good words, advices and help. We are shock with all these messages and we will try to reply as soon as we can, but just to let you know that you guys helped us a lot and we will never forget your reaction reagrding Eli's health issue. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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  1. Mig I hope you and Elizabeth are doing well. Sorry I missed your presence at Hornet Hobbies in Toronto. Please keep safe and posiitve about the future. I had a life threatening illness 4 years ago and I am doing much better today. Always be positive and hopeful.

    David da Silva