Who said that modelling is expensive and take too much time? I just made this Sdkfz 222 few days ago, in only 1 hour and half. It cost only 10 Euros and the detail is superb.
Sometimes, to do this kind of models is very refreshing, and for 1 hour you forget the complex aftermarkets, the complex details and big scales. Highly recommended.

Ok, ok, now is time to paint it and will be more than 1 hour. Ah, the brand is ICM.

Mig Jimenez


  1. 1/72! Fantastico!

    Una escala que a veces se les olvida a los modelistas de tanques, pero una escala fantastica para los que tienen poco tiempo (como yo) o poco presupuesto (como yo tambien!), y con inclinacion hacia el pintado y acabado de la maqueta.

    Really looking forwards to the next installment of this little project.

    Greetings from England and many, many thanks, Miguel, for sharing your wonderful techniques!

    All the best,


  2. Small scale subject - I'll be watching with great interest how You will approach colors, weathering etc :)

  3. Small , effectively!
    Since I play with 15mm, I would also love to see your progress on this tiny 222!

  4. Que cucada, estaré atento al pintado

  5. Hi Mig,

    You made me curious to try a model 1/72 scale. Have fun with the painting :p

    Bests regards

  6. Great little 1/72 model MIG! Got me thinking about smaller scales too. Saves money on paint, varnish, pigments, etc. Also more room to display them. Thank you posting and have fun painting.

  7. hola miguel, bueno hace poco encontré tu blog, como siempre tus modelos sirven de inspiración y motivación (el king tiger, el pather II, etc, etc y etc), MUCHAS gracias por compartir tus técnicas y consejos...,bueno saludos desde Argentina

  8. Hola Miguel,

    Did I read correctly on the DVD page that you have a second DVD coming out soon?

    If true, can you give us a hint on the subject?
    Estoy tratando de aprender a hacer el weathering con los productos que usted esta demostrando. Mucha gente me recomienda su libro:
    F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions on AFV Painting Techniques
    pero no lo encuentro en ninguna parte.

    Saludos desde New York.

  9. Oh, great that you take a sidestep into the small scale line. I´m looking forward for the painting and weathering part.
    Dont keep us waiting too long. ;)

    best regards

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  11. Hey Mig,

    Any chance on you coming out with a second edition of your book:
    F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions On Afv Painting Techniques?

    This seems to be very popular and I'm tired of trying to find one for a price that will stay.
    I just recently found one on Amazon sold by International Books, selling for $55.00. I bought it and a week later I get an email from Amazon, canceling my order and telling me to do it again. When I go bak to the search, International Books is now selling the book for $400.00 (nice people huh?)

  12. 1/72 is very good scale, in recent years have become my favorite. Good Mig