While I continue my trip in Japan, I would like to share with you some photos of some important people in Japan. There are much more, but I will try to upload them as soon as I can back to Spain. I was luckly to meet the next people, some of them for frist time, and another is old friends like Mashahiro Doi.

Goshima san is the manager of KIYA shop, in Tokio. He organize the best model tank competition in Japan and he is a great guy! Go to OGIKUBO and visit his shop if you have the oportunity to visit Tokio.

Makoto Takaishi is one of the bigger influence for many modellers nowdays. I met him in ART BOX Headquarters in CHIYODA area. I was happy to meet with him and talk a bit in his office. He is very talented and very smart.

During my meeting with Makoto Takaishi, Kashiwagi san, chief editor of Armor Modelling helped us to have a fluid comunication in English. Makoto cannot speak english. Our conversation was very interesting talking about different styles of modelling, techniques and much more. I would like to talk more with them, but not time enought in one day. Was a great experience for me to stay with they and I give want to give them a BIG THANKS!

Kanenko sensei is one of my favorite modellers in Japan also. He is very friendly, always smiling and he is a great modeller. His works is superb and very original.

My dear friend Lincoln Wright. He is almost half japanese, but he is from Australia. He work for Machinenkrieger company (the futuristic military robots) and he paint these stuff extraordinary well. He speak a perfect japanese , so he helped me a lot in our meetings!

Goshima san and Eiki san , from Yellow Submarine shop in Akihabara area, Tokio. Both of them are funny guys, great people. I will miss them!

Well, that s all by now. I will try to upload more stuff very soon. Japan is one of the most important countries in the world about modelling, and we need to learn a lot from them. For them, the modelling is something very important, but their modelling philosophy is even more interesting for us, western modellers. I really recomend to EVERYBODY to visit Japan someday, because your modelling life will change for sure.

Domo Arigato Nihhon, thank you very much all of you friends!

Mig Jimenez



  1. Mig, can you say a little bit more about Japanese philosophy of modelling? Sounds very interesting and I'll be happy to hear more about it.

  2. Looks like you had a great trip, there is no better ambassador for european modelling to send to Japan than yourself! It will be interesting to see what influence they have on your work.

  3. I have seen amazing works by some of these modellers in the Japanese model making TV show Plamo Tsukurou.

  4. Cool trip, Cool Models !!! Great Stuff !! Thank You for Sharing .... The MIG world Tour .... where can I get a T-Shirt ? Fredericksburg V.A. apr 6-9 , Tokyo Japan May ... when is th European leg of the Tour ?

    Very Cool stuff ! Thanx for Sharing !! Spreading th Love all over the World !!!

  5. hello Mig
    wow that was a nice trip to Japan huh? I wanna know more about japanese philosophy, hope you can clear up us.

    greetings from Germany