Finally a book has been published specifically about Yom Kippur War based on the T62. Although this book gathers all the aspects of the T62 and its variants, the main thematic is based on the use of the T62 under the Syrian and Egyptian army, during the Yom Kippur War. In my opinion, the Yom Kippur war was the battle where it was used the T62 and the T55 in more quantity. And of course this battle was the second bigger confrontation of tanks after the battle of Kurks. Also, the T62 was in that time of 1973, the best Soviet tank. Unfortunately, the Arab generals didn't know how to take out profit of this superiority and they lost the war. But inside the context of the modelling, the T62 is without a doubt a very interesting model to apply all type of camouflages. This new Robert Manasherob's book is indispensable for the new Trumpeter kit.

This great book contains blue prints of all the versions, original pictures of 1973 in the Sinai and in Golan, pictures of several T62 in museums and profiles with different camouflage versions. But it also contains several pictures in color of several destroyed T62. For followers of the Arab wars, this book is an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration, and the value of the unpublished pictures is incalculable. So it is moment of beginning my own T62. I no longer have excuses and I hope to be able to make the T62 OOB.

Finalmente se ha publicado un libro especificamente sobre la guerra del Yom Kippur basado en el T62. Aunque este libro reune todos los aspectos del T62 y sus variantes, la principal temática está centrada en la utilización del T62 en el ejército Sirio y Egipcio, durante el Yom Kippur. En mi opinión, la guerra del Yom Kippur fue la batalla donde se utilizó el T62 y el T55 en mayor cantidad. Y por supuesto esta batalla fue la segunda mayor confrontación de tanques despues de la batalla de Kurks. Además, el T62 era en aquella epoca de 1973, era el mejor tanque sovietico. Por desgracia, los generales arabes no supieron sacar provecho de esta superioridad y perdieron la guerra. Pero dentro del contexto del modelismo, el T62 es sin duda un modelo muy interesante para aplicar todo tipo de camuflajes. Este nuevo libro de Robert Manasherob es imprescindible para el nuevo kit de Trumpeter.

Este gran libro contiene planos de todas las versiones, fotos originales de 1973 en el Sinai y en Golan, fotografias de varios T62 en museos y perfiles con distintas versiones de camuflaje. Pero tambien contiene varias fotografias en color de varios T62 destruidos. Para seguidores de las guerras arabes, este libro es una fuente inagotable de ideas e inspiración, y el valor de las fotografias ineditas es incalculable. Asi que es momento de comenzar mi propio T62. Ya no tengo excusas y espero poder hacer el T62 de caja.

I reccomend you to buy this book in his own web page.
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Thank you Robert for this great book. My dream come true.

Mig Jimenez



  1. good book thanks for your sharing

  2. Thanks for the review Mig. I went to the webpage you posted and also noticed a book on the Israeli Sherman M50 called "Lioness & Lion of the Line". Wondering if you have seen it and what your opinion of it might be?

  3. Mine arrived today, it is truly a very nice book. Thank you for sharing Mig!