Hello friends. This is my frist post this year, and not because vacations (which was also long) but because I was very focus in a couple of projects.

The first one is one of my dreams, a T55 in Egyptian army, just after cross the Suez Chanel in 1973. This is a huge project because this version have many differences with standard T55, but also I wanted make it with PE and many upgrades. And finally, I will make the whole crew (4) in scratch. Now I have made only one, but it fit well and I am happy with the result. The KTM mineroller is another nightmare, beacuse it is trumpeter and is not like a Tamiya kit. BUt it is done, and now I am closer to finish this model. I will continue showing more steps of this one.

The second one is the well know KVII in 1/16th scale which I started months ago. The next photos is not the last stage, but I was not able to upload the last ones yet. Anyway, it is another funny project, even if I have a deadline. It must be ready for next Nurember Toy fair 2010, so...I am in a hurry. This is why I am so quiet the last weeks (my apologies friends).
The KVII is getting complex because the big surfaces, and is hard to create a nice general look like in 1/35th scale. In this big scales, the most difficult thing is to get used to this big sizes when we paint the effects. Is easy to fall down in the monotony and we must force our self to create big random areas in a way to make more realistic the finall look.
But the good thing is that the chip effects seems more realistic because the big size. Anyway, like all 1/16th scale models, it comsume a lot of time. To paint anything needs more than 4 times more than in 1/35.

I hope fin ish it on time for the end of this month and I will post some pictures here in my blog and another forums. Or you will be able to see it in Tamiya Stand next month in Germany.
And now, I must continue working with it. I cannot spend more time in my blog by now. Is time to finish the mud and the funny weathering, like oil, metal, rust....
Thank you for watching this and I will continue the blog very soon.
Mig Jimenez


  1. I love this KV-II!

    Great work so far!


  2. I'm liking the look of the T-55. Must get me one of these at some point.


  3. Hey Mig! Both look excellent! What method did you use for the white wash on the KV II? Can't wait to see the next posting!

  4. Great work on the KV Mig!

    /Hans, Sweden

  5. Mig, what are your thoughts on the Trumpeter mine roller? I have one and have been thinking about putting it on the Tamiya kit as well. Do you think it is reasonably accurate? Do you have any additional pictures of the fuel drum arrangement?