Uf...is amazing see how many of you have sent me your emails or messages with your support and good words. I have recived more than 200 emails from many of you helping me with all kind of comments and motivation, and trush me, it really help me to continue with this. Also...thanks to all people who posted messages in Missing-Lynx, Armorama, Panzernet or my ex-Mig forum (where I cannot post any reply or message ¿?¿?¿?...) for the nice words and comments.

This was not a Good bye to the modelling, but just a change of path. And after see the reaction of many of you (I recovered the contact with many of you since 5 or 6 years ago), I think that I am in the right way. I was the last tow days reading all your emails, and repling some of them, and I was shocked with all that you guys said. I feel lucky because I am sourronded of great modellers and good persons and this is all motivation that I needed.

I will continue repling your emails during the next days, and I can tell you that I am really happy to be in touch with many of you again.

Thank you very much...muchas gracias.

Mig Jimenez


  1. Well,
    I've noted that this is a little big comunity(the modelers)...you think that are alone when suddenly someone wants you.Nice evening Mig ;-)
    Ciro Riccio

  2. Thank you my friend....and we will stay in topuch now about Middle East stuff, and T55 and T62..... ;-)

    Adios Ciro!, keep in touch.

  3. La verdad es que echaba de menos verte modelar y pintar más, puede que el mundo industrial haya perdido pero lo que es indudable es que el mundo artístico y modelístico ha ganado, de nuevo, a un gran personaje.

    Seguiré muy atento tus avances amigo.

  4. Hola Miguel!

    Amazement, surprise, I'm on the ass!
    After a journey through the world of figure, I returned to my first passion in the Military modeling: to build models of tanks, paint them, given their lives, the age, position them on a "small parcel of land" all this using the approach, techniques, methods which have emerged a few years ago thanks to a designer and creator of talent, You!
    A few years ago as I read and reread the articles on the 2SI in Chechnya, the Polish Hetzer and Marder III in Military Modeling magazine. These items were for me a Bible, a bedside book because they demonstrated a new way of painting models Monsters of steel. Three months ago, when I came back the blinds, I registered on the forum MigProd; it taught me many things, but I was surprised not to see you involved in topics. I must be stupid because I just discovered today that you left the company that you had created in 2002, I think. You have turned the page as we say in France. You were right, the business "exhausts" and kills dreams! I understand perfectly that you could not "mixing" passion and responsibility, with everything that entails as stress and Sukkah, the passion of a hobby that leads to the creation of a company, partnership leads often to saturation and fatigue of "mixing" the two. This destroys the creation and of course, passion. We must learn to stop before any breaks.
    Today is a new birth for you, a new life, new ideas, new creations and I think you have lots of great projects in your mind.Three months ago, I left the company for whom I worked for 11 years for another job that did not work, too much stress, I let my health. Since I feel much better. I have no work for now but I think I converted. I take this opportunity to build and paint kits!! I regret nothing! Life is full of "travel" of self-discovery, change, meetings.
    You know, some years ago, when I found your techniques, it allowed me to paint and create better and I think that thanks to you, I managed to win some prizes in competitions such as Saumur contest. I did'nt wait for you edite your products in trade to practice your techniques and I think that applications are more important than products and supplies; references Migprod are great but a little too high on price . I always bought my Pigments in stores for Fine Arts (larger quantity for the same price). I, of course, compared with the pigments MigProd (I bought too!) And, excuse me, but the result of applications is quite similar. Excuse me again, I hope you receives royalties on sales of References MIG's! For me, the key is that you "invented" and create applications, how to use paints and pigments.
    Well, I'll stop there, I'm very talkative!
    Ah, still a few things to say, I found your blog Fantastik and believe me I often connect to disturb you and ask you some questions, injury you can no longer "help" on the forum Mig (it's not cool on their part and it does not please me).
    As you inspire me a lot, do not leave the 1 / 35 to 1 / 16, or I'm gonna have to buy kits 1 / 16 and I do not have room at home (laughs! !)
    Long ago I have not met Jean B. Verlhac (your friend) who lives a few miles from my house.
    See you soon! Excuse me for my English,VivA el translator!


  5. Hello Mig
    This is Werner from Germany. I am 48 years old and build models since 40 years, since the 80th Franqois Verlinden was my idol, but since i know you, you are my idol coz your models is the best what i ever had seen, you are my inspiration since i take my hobby serious. You was the one who give me inspiration for chipping, preshading, weathering, highlights setting and so on. The life goes on and yours too, what happened with you is bad but thats life, you will meet everybody two times in life. So head up and view in a good future. How i wish you can come soon to Germany, hopefully near to Oldenburg in northern Germany.

    best regards to you