Long time without publish my work in internet, but now I stay on line again. I decided to create my own blog to show my last works, opinions, techiques and more stuff and stay in touch with many of you friends.

Today, I start a new carrier, alone. I am a modeller again and I try to recovery all passion and motivation which were inside me long time ago. I want to be focus in the modelling one more time, in the techniques (which is my real passion), and in new ideas. I was tired of comercial stuff and other boring things, and now I feel free to do what I really want.

Welcome to my new blog and I hope you can share with me your opinions or doubts, and I hope also help you if you need me.

Thank you very much.

Mig Jimenez


  1. hi MIG, i'm a apprentice of modeller with little resources but a lot of interest and i'm always looking for tips in the web, since i found your work around the web i think "i want to make my armor like mig's" 'm a 43 years old man and a fan of your work from Guatemala.

  2. Hi Mig sorry to hear about all the trouble, And I know I speak for every one here, its good to see you are still in the game, because the modeling comunity has learnt alot from you and now with your new blog we can still learn from you.

    Glad youre back.

  3. Muy buenas Mig. Ha sido una sorpresa enorme encontrarte por la red con tu propio blog. Siempre me ha parecido alucinate y soberbio el trabajo que realizas (desde la época en que me iniciaba en esto, época en que conocí Panzernet, que fue donde empecé a conocer "tu obra"...) Desgraciadamente no dispongo del tiempo que quisiera para perfeccionar mi técnica, pero ahora que te he "fichado" en la red volveré a disfrutar con tu trabajo, simplemente contemplándolo. De verdad, simplemente genial. Sigue así.