The winter subjects is one of my passions. I really like white vehicles because offer me a large range of possibilities about weathering or effects. You can paint a winter vehicle with dry dust or mud or very fresh one. You can apply a faded whitewash or a very clean white. You can make very evideny chips or scratches, rust or grease, and all kind of dirt or effects. In this case, with my last winter KVII, I wanted create a very worn or faded winter camo, result of a prolonged period of battles. Maybe this KV is going to the the Spring. The sun and the rain entried in action and the winter color is coming inapropiated. This is what I mede under this concept. I hope you like the result:

The technique used for this case is a complex combination of hairspray technique, oils fading, chips by brush and much more. Everything covered by a coat of dirt, rust and dust.

Is important create a combinations of "more dirt areas" and more white ones, in a way to keep a random look and make it more interesting and real. Avoid do the same in the whole model.

The same with green and white areas. Is important make a good contrast between very faded green areas and new white ones.

Tool box chipped with hairspray technique and covered with dust.

See how there are very dusty areas close to clean ones. This is important to give volume to the model.

For first time, I added a big cuantity of leaves and vegetation over the fenders, like I have seen in many pictures. In fact, is hard to find a picture with very clean mudguards. Obdserv how the dirt is acumulated in the corners.

I wanted collect all my preview winter vehicles in this page, in a way to see the paint evolution. The next ones is an example of some of my old models which was a good source to get experience to paint the KVII in 1/16th scale. Some of them is really old, but I feel proud because in that time was good enought.

And that's all folks. Now I need a couple of day of vacations after paint the KVII. It was really hard because it should be finsihed for Nuremberg toy fair 2010. Fortunatly, I was on time and the Tamiya staff will be able to show it in their stand!
Thanks, Nobuo Yoshioka.


  1. Congratulations Mig!

    This is pure art! I totaly like this!

    Oh man, this photo of the Pz VI F1 has waken up memories.... The article you made back then was the basic reason for me to start modelling 3 years ago. Thanks for all this inspiration!

    All the best,


  2. Cograts on finishing this beast.
    looks fantastic.


  3. Here comes a fleet of fine works.

    Thanks for sharing mate.

  4. Beautiful work, Mig, simply beautiful.
    "is hard to find a picture with very clean mudguards" - an excellent observation. I must remember that in future :)


  5. Hi Mig,

    great to see that KV finished. Looks awesome man!

    I saw a picture of your model with a picture of you right next to it at the Nuremberg toy fare. Cool.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date in this blog

    Take care

  6. Mig,
    Thank you for sharing your work. It is always an inspiration!


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  8. The KV is great and big) What is really unique - is the leaves and other stuff on fenders. They look 100% like real ones here, in Russia in mid-autumn!

  9. Mig, la laca se disuelve? con qué se limpia en el aerògrafo?.


  10. Thanks for this works. Quite some people are looking at them to get the idea how to make their 1/16th models. Thanks again.

    TO "Tank Club Moscow"

  11. I went to your page while looking for KV2 wwii pics and i'm amazed by the realistic painting you gave to your models. Greets.